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A closed species themed around the scorched quadrant in TEF.

Kindred need not to hunt or scavenge for they have intoxicating breathe that they use to control critters up to 2/3 their size.
They are mostly vegetarian but are known as omnivores.
Their smoke-like breath can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and euphoria.
The smoke can cause permanent schizophrenia.
Other times the smoke can cause blindness, nausea, severe depression, and stroke/heart attack.
Most female kindreds are usually dark with subtle light colours around their face and tails,
Male kindreds are usually bright and attractive with darker/duller colours around their face, tails, limbs, and ears.
No kindred can obtain complex markings anywhere on their bodies.
Their smoke breath can be coloured or dull, it could be thick or thin, humid or dry. Either gender may have smoke.
Kindreds bleed a milky substance, it lathers the wound with heal inducing intoxicants. It's usually a vibrant colour.
They now have their collar bones over their shoulders, this doesn't hinder their running or anything like that.
Can now Shapeshift into any animals they have drugged by their smoke.

Their hind legs are lion-like while their fore limbs are dragon like.
They have very poor vision but their sense of smell and touch are magnificent.
They can be born with short/coarse fur, smooth/soft skin, or medium/spikey fur.
They don't breathe out of their mouth and on occasions their nose, due to their smoke breath. They breathe directly through their skin which filters the smoke.
They have exterior teeth, no gums but a long pointed tongue, they don't produce saliva
The excess skin on their front neck area holds the smoke, it can inflate when the Kindred creates too much of it.
The second pair of eyes give them better vision. (Although still not excellent)
Their tails can be any length as long as it is lizard like but males are most likely shorter.
Ears sometimes work as fingers/arms, they can have only 2 pairs of ears.
Longer bodies/necks and the length differs between each Kindred

Both are androgynous, Dames can produce offspring without Domes but will only birth males.
That is why all Domes are considered Dames' children and are treated as such.
Both can can either one pair or two pairs of eyes.
If a dome is born by only a dame they are more likely to be feminine.

Females are always a higher rank than Males.
E.G: A female with the lowest rank still has authority over the highest ranking male.
The females have larger front legs with thicker 4-3 clawed toes, they are more agile and stable.
Dames aren't as smart as Domes but are almost as smart as a human or dolphin.
Larger "Teeth"
Can go a long time without water but suffer immensely without food.
They're extremely strong and tough.

The males are the same size as females but less bulky and longer necks. They are equipped with intense knowledge.
Males would be the ones to hunt if in a intense famine.
Very intelligent but coddled by females.
Domes have shorter claws than Dames.</b>
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you're right
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